Pedal Chord Sequencer

Pedal Chord Sequencer is a free open source program for Linux that allows you to create a sequence of chords and play it out in a live performance chord by chord, changing chords using usb pedal or keyboard. The chords are played on the external synthesizer (Zynaddsubfx recommended, but any synthesizer that supports midi input and polyphony, should work), which is connected to the Sequencer using Jack.

Technical details:
This program works currently only on GNU/Linux operating systems. It is written in C++ with GTK graphical interface (gtkmm), so it should fit well in GNOME desktop.

You may ask why did i decide to write this program when there are so many already different music and midi programs available. The reason is because when I needed a particular functionality (switching chords with a pedal), it was not present in any of existing software that I looked through. Indeed, there is some big and sophisticated free software awailable there, but the learning curve and orientation on different task made them difficult for me to use for my particular purpose.
This sequencer, however, is not designed to be a do-it-all thing. It is a small program, which is perfectly suitable for a live performances and jams. If you need to play a song on a guitar, for example, and want to add some background of light harmony, this is perfect software for that. You are still in the control of when to change the chords, and usually it takes only a short time to write a chord progression for a song if you know the basics of music harmony. You can even learn through the process!

As the need for new features will arise, send me an email with your requests, and I will try to include them in the next version. You can download current version here.
You can submit any bugs here.

Check out my other project - Jack Live Spectrum.

Enjoy the music!