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Date application submitted Name Person who invited you to apply Which house are you applying to live in? Do you know anyone currently living at Maitreya? Why do you want to live in community? Why this community? Have you ever lived in community? If so-please describe the... Write about any experience you may have had in which you... How does your lifestyle reflect your political/... What does good communication mean to you? Describe an interpersonal conflict you were involved in in... Do you have any vision of how long you see yourself living... Will children or pets be living with you? Do you have a criminal history? Are you open to a background.../th> Do you have any special needs? Do you own a motor vehicle? What are your party habits? Describe your personality as if it were a food. What would your ideal neighborhood/ village feel or be like? How do you imagine contributing to this community Have you read the Maitreya Handbook? *Please provide us with at least three character references* What's the best way to contact you?
November 04, 2018 at 11:48 pm
Any available
I've always desired to live in a sustainable community, and my desire is stronger than ever because I now have a daughter - I don't want her growing up in a conventional environment where she thinks life is about screens and work. I want her to grow up naturally, in an environment that supports a love and curiousity of the earth, with people that share the same vision. Unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity, and I ache for it.
Just looking at the pictures, I am enraptured by its beauty and can see in my mind Luna playing in the grass, and me in the garden, hands and knees covered in soil.
N/a Here in my town of Homer, Alaska, annually we have a community art project called Burning Basket. I have contributed to the project and, every time, it has been a beautiful and transformative experience that makes me feel connected to the land and the community in indescribable and lovely ways. When I was a teenager, I helped create community here by founding my town's first youth community gay-straight alliance, which helped educate the community on LGBTQ issues and create a support network for local LGBTQs.
I eat mostly vegan and local, "mostly" because I will also eat locally caught salmon and moose my father has harvested sustainably. I am an amateur forager as well, and buy organic no matter the expense. I would like to live in a green house, but that has not as yet been an option because I am low income and don't have the funds to build my own eco-home.
Loving, compassionate honesty; constructive criticism; compassionate problem solving in which the conflicting people sit down and take turns sharing their feelings with total honesty and listening to the other with openness, and coming to a solution together.
When I was 20, I had just moved to Maui. Three months into my time there, I fell in love with a manipulative, sociopathic alcoholic. It was a very tough experience and was, in many ways, a traumatic experience that, when reminded of it, still gives me anxiety and, occasionally, panic attacks. It took a lot of strength to pull myself out of that situation but I came out on the other side so incredibly changed that I often give thanks for the experience. It destroyed my life, making me homeless, but I emerged from the ashes with a strong sense of self and a perspective that included a soul-deep appreciation for the beauty of the world, no matter where I am, no matter what situation I'm in. After hitting rock bottom, ever since then, every sunrise is a revelation, every sunnset a dream, and I feel the most precious joy in every natural scene and its details. I do have a tendency to get depressed sometimes, for no reason really, but nature always succeeds in lifting me up, along with my daughter's smile and my husband's unending, incredibly grounding vibe and support.
As long as we are welcome, really! I want a place where my daughter can grow surrounded by loving people and beautiful nature. We most likely will be unable to come until the winter is over.
Yes, my daughter (currently six months) and my small but well behaved and loving dog Rainbow.
I do not, and I am open to one. My husband will be open to one as well - all he has in his criminal history is a silly ticket from Oahu fining him for sleeping on the beach.
Vegan for me and my daughter
Marijuana use for medicinal purposes
I am like an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink stir fry, or a hearty winter soup: a little of everything and I'm very versatile!
Aligned with nature and filled with earth-loving peaceful "hippies" who love to garden, forage, write, make art and music, but who are also realists. Comfortable, where you aren't ever afraid to be yourself.
I am a beginner but passionate gardener. I am also a talented writer (you can read some of my creative writing and poetry at reveriesoffaythe.wordpress.com) - I love creative writing and intuitive poetry best, but I can do everything from writing copy and advertisements to informational writing to fiction to nonfiction. I am very spiritual and can lend my aid in anything related to that. I am an avid learner and am open to being trained in whatever you need me to do! My husband is a fantastic seamster, but is also able to work on cars (small repairs), a bit of carpentry, landscaping and other labor work. He is also a very good salesman when he needs to be!
I looked for it on this website but the page wouldn't load for me.
Flying by the seat of my pants here and its rather early, but I can email them to you once I talk to a couple of people and okay it with them. I just don't want to fill out this form all over again later.